Einstein’s Advice To A Little Girl Who Wants To Be A Scientist

I wanted to share this great post by Brain Pickings as a lesson for the future for Miss D. Gordon.

In a letter dated September 19, 1946 Tyfanny, a young South African girl, writes to Albert Einstein, currently at the height of his career and cultural prominence:

I forgot to tell you, in my last letter, that I was a girl. I mean I am a girl. I have always regretted this a great deal, but by now I have become more or less resigned to the fact. Anyway, I hate dresses and dances and all the kind of rot girls usually like. I much prefer horses and riding. Long ago, before I wanted to become a scientist, I wanted to b e a jockey and ride horses in races. But that was ages ago, now. I hope you will not think any the less of me for being a girl!

Sometime between September and October 1946 — a snappy response time by the day’s standards — Einstein replies:

I do not mind that you are a girl, but the main thing is that you yourself do not mind. There is no reason for it.
– Albert Einstein, 1946

Top Tip: To make *your* brain bigger follow @brainpickings on Twitter.

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Salmon Teriyaki

If you’re looking for a quick, tasty supper you could do a lot worse than this recipe I found recently for Salmon Teriyaki.

The recipe doesn’t require mirin and sake if they don’t make up your store cupboard essentials. The addition of Maple Syrup seems like a deliciously sticky winner too, although Maple Syrup = £5 in Waitrose – who knew?!

I served with a bit of the old Tenderstem. Very tasty.

One point to note though: Do not make this, as I did, the evening before a house viewing. We have all windows open and all scented candles burning. Dear potential buyers – please don’t be put off!

(10 Weight Watchers Pro Points).

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In The Clink…

Behind bars…

In the end, Dolly and I reached an agreement – she was given early release on the grounds of good behaviour…

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My excuses for not blogging recently, in words and pictures…

  1. I have two small, busy, brilliant, challenging little people

Dolly G at RHS Harlow Carr

The Uncles will be pleased with his technique

2. The weather was amazing (for a bit)

The view from the patio at The Coniston Hotel

3. I have a job. It’s a great one and we’re doing really well. Monster Pet Supplies is the No. 1 fastest growing pet supplies company in the UK. Google says so. I’m online for work almost all the time, which doesn’t leave me much time or drive for BigBowl, sadly. I’m keen to address the balance though (although BigBowl is never going to pay the bills!)

4. I have another new project in the offing at home. My garden. Get prepared for a series of posts about my new love.

Getting inspired at RHS Harlow Carr

Tulips in enormous planters. Delicious.

5. After 2 years and 8 months my life doesn’t seem to be totally controlled by my gorgeous two Smalls. I have a bit more time to myself. To work, play and be inspired. I just didn’t feel the need to blog about it. However, two particularly brilliant people have given birth in the last week – my lovely sister-in-law Jo to beautiful little Owen, another Gordon boy (watch out world!), and to amazing Truzz over at Tales of the March Hare, my favourite ever blogger, who has just popped out little Lark. Welcome to two handsome new chaps. Their births reminded me that I’m writing these posts as a record of our amblings and, although they seem big now in comparison to before, forever more I’ll still look back on this time and remember them as TINY.

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Hurray! I’m sleeping through – but they’re not…

I’ve spent the last 2.5 years waking in the night at the very slightest snuffle. Their room is next to ours but we have very thick walls. Yet even the sounds that happen all the time; a dummy hitting the bars of the cot bed at it heads for the floor (like bread landing butter-side down the dummy ALWAYS finds its way to the floor), a bad dream, a cry, a whimper, even the odd giggle and before I know it I’m aware of them. I’m totally tuned in. Listening carefully. Checking they’re alright. Establishing whether they need me.


In the last two weeks I’ve stopped waking up. I can’t believe it. Every time they’ve woken  during the last 14 nights, perhaps half a dozen times, Mr G has woken before me. And he’s got up to check on them, not me.


I mentioned it to my Mum today, whose immediate response was ‘oh yes, I remember that happening to me too, but I think I was pregnant with your brother by then’. She thinks it happened because she was focussing on No.2. So what’s my excuse? Is it that I’m just more relaxed and confident that they’re ok? I don’t feel particularly relaxed. Is it that I’m now so knackered I can’t fight it?! Is it that I’m sticking it to The Man by finally giving him a taste of wandering about the house in the pitch black? Perhaps. But it’s very odd.

So, I just wondered if this had happened to anybody else? When they get to a certain age, do you just tune out at night?

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My Boy


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First Day at Playschool

Heart pounds,
Chest swells,
Tears well
With love for them.


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