Potty-training twins – Day 10.

I hope this post doesn’t break the spell, but… fingers crossed… we seem to be over the worst! *Breaks out the champagne, Dettol’s the potties, again*

How funny, it seems to have taken exactly twice as much time as I was told it would take by my friends who PT’d one small person at a time. My stat is far from scientific (and my friend Natalie *did* manage to PT her twins in 5 days but she is a superwoman) but I reckon, as with most things twin-related, it takes almost twice as long to do something as someone unencumbered by double the amount of Smalls*.

If I exclude yesterday’s Daddy Daycare Day** we’ve only had 2 accidents between them since Thursday. We’ve even managed to go to Francesca’s 2nd birthday party at a soft-play centre on Saturday with no mishaps. This was our greatest success to date, an hour’s drive there, 2 hours play and an hour’s drive back and dry big pants all round! Tomorrow we attempt a trip to the big M&S Outlet with lunch thrown in to boot. I think we can do it.

If you want to begin potty-training twins, this is what I think you’ll need:

  • 2 x potties. We bought Pourty’s (with nice pouring spouts), they seem fine. I bought a pink one and a blue one. My Mum pointed out that this was my first mistake because they’re too territorial with them now and will only sit on theirs. This has already bitten me in the bum when we went to the park. Lesson: buy two in the same colour. Actually buy 4, then you can have a set upstairs and one downstairs. I’m forever schlepping ours about the house.
  • A old towel to put your potties on. My DS isn’t too good with his aim yet, but he’s working hard at it. *proud mum*
  • Infinite patience. I am quite a patient person. I don’t lose my rag easily, but this could really get you down, particularly when they refuse point-blank to sit on their potties for an hour and then have an accident. It’s hard to remain calm.
  • A lot of free time in your diary. Other than my work days we’ve basically been at home for 8 out of the 10 days so far.
  • Realistic expectations. I’m not sure I had these in the beginning. I was measuring success based on them running up to me, from whatever they were doing, to tell me they need to go. This doesn’t seem to be very realistic this early on. They do that sometimes and it’s amazing but most often I’m asking them a bit, reminding them about their big pants a bit and reminding them where there potties are if they need them. This seems to work without a massive power struggle, which is what I think poor Daddy had yesterday.

My ‘method’:

  • Take off all their clothes below the waist. Make sure they’re warm on top!
  • Try and stay in one place/room as much as possible and keep the potties in the same position all the time so they know where they are.
  • Give them lots to drink so they need to go often.
  • Put them on the potty every half an hour for the first couple of days until you get the idea of how often they need to go. After that you can judge it a bit more easily.
  • Watch their facial expressions for clues!
  • In the beginning, don’t ask them if they need to go, they just say ‘no’. Instead say ‘It’s time to sit on your potty now’ or similar. Don’t give them the choice!
  • Stick at it. Don’t give up.

For the record, they still nap in the afternoon and they’ll have their nappy on then and in bed at night. Their nappies are usually dry now after their nap so I’ll give it another week and then we’ll stop them then too.

(Do not) Let Them Eat Cake

My DS, he of the improving aim, has done brilliantly at doing his poos on his potty. He’s so proud of them, and thinks they look so good he’s declared them to be ‘CAKE!’, his favourite thing. I think he thinks they look yummy. And in a weird way, compared to the mess and muck of a dirty nappy, they do look strangely perfect. He’ll get a shock if he tries to eat one though…

As for my DD, her bowel movements may well be the subject of a post of their own, although I’m not sure I can do it to her, she may never forgive me.

* e.g. Feeding them in the early days, changing a nappy, getting out of the house in the morning, getting them into the car, etc. etc.

**I’m saying nothing and remaining supportive


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Lucky Mama to bonkers twin toddlers Dolly & Arthur. Wife of @kingomountums. Voice of @monsterpetteam. Sings loudly. Dances badly. Laughs dirtily.
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2 Responses to Potty-training twins – Day 10.

  1. Thanks for the inspiration – it’s lovely to read that it can be done and doesn’t sound as traumatic as I expected! I bought Pourty potties too – both in blue. They seem to hate them but tonight we had a breakthrough – T1 actually sat on the potty for five minutes and watched some tv in return for a biscuit reward (up until now he has mostly refused as he doesn’t do sitting still. Ever.) I’m going to tackle it properly next month after our holiday so I’m trying to mentally prepare myself! Thanks for a great post on the subject. xx

    • Oh, I’m so pleased it’s helpful! We’re 6 months down the line now and Dolly’s had it nailed now for months but Arthur still forgets himself sometimes if he’s having fun! I had no idea how long it would take when we started but all of a sudden you can think about it a bit less often and the accidents seem less important 😉 wishing you tons of luck, will follow your progress x

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