Nippy and Scratchy

If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

So, the good news is we’re really motoring now on the old potties. So much so that I’m not really thinking about it so much, it’s just how things are now. It’s truly amazing how quickly they learn a new thing and you all collectively move on. New challenges are all-consuming in the moment, and then just as quickly as they arrive, they’re gone. And you’re on with the next… which for us is –

Miss Nippy Scratchy. (Oh, she is a cruel mistress.)

Arthur can rough and tumble and rumpus with the best of them. He’s a very active little boy and he really enjoys physical comedy and hooting with laughter. He can be quite rough with Dolly, but it never strikes me as intentional, just the result of his lively manner and like a puppy, he doesn’t seem to realise his own strength.

But Dolly. Oh boy! Over the last week or so she has turned into a tiny, unkind, vicious  little person. This coincides weirdly with sorting the potty-training, which can’t possibly be connected, can it?! Every time Arthur makes her cross or frustrated, with toys for instance and sharing, she lashes out at him and her tiny, gentle, frond-like fingers which I adore become nasty little weapons. She always goes for his face and neck, often his nose! Consequently, he looks like he’s done 10 rounds with Edward Scissorhands (just in time for Georgie’s naming ceremony in London this weekend, great!).

We've got our work cut out with this one...


Initially I was so horrified to see her be so mean that I told her off harshly and removed her from the situation. She doesn’t seem at all sorry and often won’t apologise for hurting him. Removal didn’t seem to be getting me anywhere. So now I’m trying to focus my attention on Arthur (the ‘victim’) and just use the silent treatment on Dolly. This does seem to have more effect and fairly soon she’s trying to find reasons to talk to me sweetly, cupboard love as my Mum’s always called it. Eventually they’ll kiss and make up but it just happens again 15 minutes later.

Other children

Fortunately, so far she’s only really attacked Arthur (well, not for Arthur, but you know what I mean). Although last week, whilst at Tumble Town, another mother marched up to me with Dolly in tow and said in a big voice for all to hear –

‘Is she with you?’  *I thought, blimey, she’s two for goodness sake!*

I wasn’t sure whether to admit she was or not. My suspicions were aroused by the indignant look on the woman’s face.

Apparently, Dolly had been tearing strips* out of another poor little girl’s face. *aaggghh*

I marched her up to the little girl in question and made her apologise to the other toddler and her mother (not the indignant woman, notably). We were extremely contrite, me more so than Dolly. She didn’t do it again during the visit. Thank god.

So, dear readers, does anybody have any advice for me on the matter of violence, mainly between siblings, or more specifically twins? Could it just be a phase as I hope, rather than Dolly’s true character? Please say yes? They start Playschool in March and I couldn’t bear it to be an issue there. I want her to be as loved and liked there as she at home. How long might this go on?

(Also, if it lasts a while I might seriously have to buy Arthur a mexican wrestling mask.)

A mask for the boy...

*slight exaggeration


About bigbowlonespoon

Lucky Mama to bonkers twin toddlers Dolly & Arthur. Wife of @kingomountums. Voice of @monsterpetteam. Sings loudly. Dances badly. Laughs dirtily.
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