The Daily Struggle – An Update

It’s been a while since my last post, and over a month since my post about Dolly’s witholding and our early success with potty training. I’m thrilled to say that our success has continued.

On Valentine’s Day we had our 2-monthly visit to the paediatrician. When I told Dolly we were visiting Dr Wilkinson she hid her face behind her hands and ran out of the room. It was a funny reaction from her. Unusual. Vulnerable. And it made me realise how much she’d understood about these appointments and the underlying anxiety of her witholding condition.

The check-up began with Dr W re-reading his notes to us from the previous visit, his instructions for the last two months:

  • Talk about being ‘kind to poo’
  • Make our conversation animalistic, i.e. give the poos feelings
  • Stick to the horrible Dulcolax

Dr W had hardly started before I burst in with our news! That we’d said ‘adios’ to Dulcolax and nappies and ‘hello!’ to potties and Movicol. I didn’t want him talking about the old problems. I could tell from Dolly’s face that she didn’t like it and I didn’t want her reminded of the past.

Good old Dr W was really surprised and pleased with our news. I explained I’d realised we’d reached a natural break and thought it was worth a try at something new. And that it was working well for us. We agreed to have our next appointment in 6-months time and that we could cancel if we felt we didn’t need it. HURRAY.

We agreed that we’d stick to one Movicol sachet a day. Dr W explained that it’s just a molecule that collects and holds water and takes it down into Dolly’s intestine. It keeps the poo nice and moist and means it won’t ever be painful to pass. Which means we should be able to keep beating the psychological side of the withholding. Apparently, Movicol isn’t a medicine (it never reaches Dolly’s bloodstream) so I shouldn’t be thinking I need to wean her off it. Instead he suggested that we lower the dose to half a sachet every day in a month’s time.

My little love continues to use her potty beautifully and there’s little or no sign of her history of witholding. Long may this continue.

The medical advice we were given was not to attempt potty training whilst Dolly was withholding and we were taking medication. My advice would be to ditch the strong medication and the medical advice and see how your little one responds to the next big stage of development. You never know what will happen.


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Lucky Mama to bonkers twin toddlers Dolly & Arthur. Wife of @kingomountums. Voice of @monsterpetteam. Sings loudly. Dances badly. Laughs dirtily.
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One Response to The Daily Struggle – An Update

  1. cjspalace says:

    So pleased Dolly is still doing well, the Movicol was the saviour of my sanity, really and truly! You absolutely did the right thing by trusting your instincts and following her lead when it came to using the potty. God knows you don’t want to make life harder for yourself during potty training!! Here’s to the end of the Movicol! (tho I always have it in the cupboard, just incase!) Well done and good luck! Claire

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