Hurray! I’m sleeping through – but they’re not…

I’ve spent the last 2.5 years waking in the night at the very slightest snuffle. Their room is next to ours but we have very thick walls. Yet even the sounds that happen all the time; a dummy hitting the bars of the cot bed at it heads for the floor (like bread landing butter-side down the dummy ALWAYS finds its way to the floor), a bad dream, a cry, a whimper, even the odd giggle and before I know it I’m aware of them. I’m totally tuned in. Listening carefully. Checking they’re alright. Establishing whether they need me.


In the last two weeks I’ve stopped waking up. I can’t believe it. Every time they’ve woken ¬†during the last 14 nights, perhaps half a dozen times, Mr G has woken before me. And he’s got up to check on them, not me.


I mentioned it to my Mum today, whose immediate response was ‘oh yes, I remember that happening to me too, but I think I was pregnant with your brother by then’. She thinks it happened because she was focussing on No.2. So what’s my excuse? Is it that I’m just more relaxed and confident that they’re ok? I don’t feel particularly relaxed. Is it that I’m now so knackered I can’t fight it?! Is it that I’m sticking it to The Man by finally giving him a taste of wandering about the house in the pitch black? Perhaps. But it’s very odd.

So, I just wondered if this had happened to anybody else? When they get to a certain age, do you just tune out at night?


About bigbowlonespoon

Lucky Mama to bonkers twin toddlers Dolly & Arthur. Wife of @kingomountums. Voice of @monsterpetteam. Sings loudly. Dances badly. Laughs dirtily.
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