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Hurray! I’m sleeping through – but they’re not…

I’ve spent the last 2.5 years waking in the night at the very slightest snuffle. Their room is next to ours but we have very thick walls. Yet even the sounds that happen all the time; a dummy hitting the … Continue reading

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First Day at Playschool

Heart pounds, Chest swells, Tears well With love for them.

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Twins – A Birth Story

My first foray writing about these Smalls was at the end of September 2009, when I posted my birth announcement and birth story onto babycentre.co.uk. I’d been an active member of their ‘Pregnant with Twins or More’ Group throughout my … Continue reading

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All change please!

It’s funny how things change. I seem to have spent almost half of the last two years sitting in an armchair in the dark, in my pyjamas, in varying states of wakefulness, with one or other of my children in … Continue reading

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Nippy and Scratchy

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. So, the good news is we’re really motoring now on the old potties. So much so that I’m not really thinking about it so much, it’s just how things are now. It’s truly … Continue reading

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Potty-training twins, day 4.

This melee began on New Year’s Eve. ‘Start as you mean to go on’, I thought, ‘it’ll save us £50 a month in nappies’. I didn’t read a book, I didn’t talk to anyone about it in advance. Santa bought … Continue reading

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